Laura Ortiz

"The environment is just the perfect combination between friendliness and professionalism."

Laura Ortiz
Laura Ortiz

The 6 week challenge at F.I.T. Lab has changed my idea of what it is to make a commitment with myself to change the way I look and most importantly be healthy. The environment is just the perfect combination between friendliness and professionalism. They’re always trying to motivate us and push us to meet our goals. I want to give credit to my coach David who was my personal coach during this past 6 weeks, he was extremely kind and helpful , always right there beside me asking me for more reps, more weight, give the extra effort, push even harder, and when I was failing, reassuring me that I’ve got this. Not only at the F.I.T. Lab but I knew if I had any questions with my meal plan, he was a text away. I feel that was a crucial part of this journey, to feel I had someone fighting the battle by my side. Also, special thanks to all the other coaches who are as great and awesome, coach Robbie always cheering me and correcting my form, Victor, Vince, Amy, I just have for them words of gratitude, they’re all amazing. I managed to lose 15.2 lbs of fat and dropped my body fat percentage 5.3%, gained some muscle and the list of benefits in my health goes on and on. I don’t have the best pictures to show the difference, but I feel much stronger, my clothes fit looser, and I look more toned now. Give them a try you won’t regret it. I came thinking I just wanted to do the free class but ended up wanting to continue this journey at F.I.T. Lab.

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