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  • F.I.T. Lab is inspiring, motivating, encouraging and always knowing it’s going to be a GOOD workout

    Making the decision to change has to be the best decision I have ever made! Doing the 6 week challenge with coach Jasmine has taught me consistency will le

    elisa rodriguez
  • Six weeks ago I weighed 242 pounds now I weight 221 I lost 21 pounds and 19.5 pounds of pure fat.

    Man I got to say these pass six weeks have been awesome the intensity at F.I.T. Lab was just what I was looking for. The workouts were effective and the co

    joaquin gonzalez
  • ...all you have to do is “JUST SHOW UP”! You won’t regret it!

    Being part of the 6 week challenge has been one of the hardest yet most satisfying experiences ever! In just a short time of 6 weeks at F.I.T. Lab, I have

    rebecca gonzalez
  • The environment is just the perfect combination between friendliness and professionalism.

    The 6 week challenge at F.I.T. Lab has changed my idea of what it is to make a commitment with myself to change the way I look and most importantly be heal

    laura ortiz
  • Whether you're a beginner or advanced, you will find your place among those that have similar goals

    With a very friendly and professional staff, they make it easy for all to participate while keeping it challenging. Whether you're a beginner or advanced,

    ernesto gomez
  • I lost 21 pounds during the challenge, I feel my body be stronger than ever before.

    I started going to F.I.T. Lab after a friend told me about it. I was unmotivated, undisciplined, and was terribly out of shape. The 6 week challenge was ex

    karen pacini
  • Losing 20lbs of pure fat.... I feel better than I have felt!

    I want to thank all the F.I.T. Lab coaches for helping and motivating me during the training sessions. F.I.T. Lab is a place that I recommend to

    ismael ortiz
  • I never thought I could get back to my High School weight but when you have amazing coaches right behind you, it’s possible.

    The 6 week challenge taught me so much about myself! I never thought I could get back to my High School weight but when you have amazing coaches right behi

    ruby lopez
  • The atmosphere at F.I.T Lab is all about helping and making each other better.

    My advice for anyone wanting to try F.I.T Lab or do the 6 week challenge is to go to your first class and ask questions. The atmosphere at F.I.T Lab is all

    alicia flores
  • F.I.T. Lab is a wonderful environment that keeps you motivated towards your goal!

    This 6 week challenge has been a wonderful experience and I surpassed my goal, losing 6.7% body fat and 14lbs of fat!!! I feel strong, healthy and most imp

    myra cavasos
  • I am in the best shape of my life

    "I've been a part of F.I.T. Lab Edinburg Fam for 9 Months and at 30 yrs old I am in the best shape of my life. Best decision I made. Come check it out for

    sonny rodriguez
  • Staff is always greeting you and ready to help in any way

    I started F.I.T. Lab last month when I signed up for the summer F.I.T. Challenge. It was a well worth investment for a program that was holistic and eviden

    jessica young
  • There nutrition program changed my life!

    I can't say enough to this program! The transformation I saw not only changed me physically but also mentally, I haven't had energy like this in a long tim

    stephanie escobedo
  • My journey with F.I.T. Lab has been nothing short of amazing!

    My journey with F.I.T. Lab has been nothing short of amazing! I have transformed my body inside and out. It’s amazing what our bodies are capable of. I w

    amy chavez
  • For anyone looking for a place to start working out. F.I.T. Lab is the place to go.

    For anyone looking for a place to start working out. F.I.T. Lab is the place to go. They have great staff and awesome trainers. It's a great atmosphere, wh

    flor zuniga


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